Ghost Of Tsushima: 18 Minutes Of Game-play

Last week, Sucker Punch Productions released game-play on their new game Ghost Of Tsushima on Playstations State Of Play. They covered 4 huge aspects the game had to offer along with other interesting bits.


Nate Fox and his team covered the vast open-world of Tsushima, where you ride on a horse that gets you in and around where you need to be. In addition to that, you’re allowed to call on a gust of wind to direct you of where to go, in what they describe as a ‘thematic’ sense of direction. Birds will often guide you to interesting areas to explore. Above all in the exploration theme was the level of detail of different settings with flowers, different colored leaves and different climatic conditions.


Jin, the samurai is what they named this section of the video. Like any classic samurai the first scene they showed us, was a stand-off with a Mongol. Each fighter waited for one to withdraw their weapon. Jin’s opponent was killed almost instantaneously as he fell to the ground and so did his two other opponents.


Then there was Jin the Ghost – A.K.A stealth mode. The ‘dishonorable ghost’ will kill using stealth climbing and moving on roofs, walls and causing distractions. Then he will quickly kill his victims with his sword or bow and arrow. He will ‘use every trick possible’, which is to throw rocks, distract the Mongols, sneak up on and kill them. The eye-catching detail in this case was that the Mongols end up fearing the Ghost, where they run away from him, instead of attacking him.

Customizing Jin

They covered how there are several types of clothing items along with armor which can be customizable according to how the player makes it ‘evolve’, not only in design, but how it also contributes to battle.

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