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Hey guys, just a quick announcement here, just launched a brand new Facebook page for MediaGamer! Head on over and give it a like, share it even!


Hey guys! I created us a video advertisement/commercial! Share it with your friends!

Announcement So it's been awhile...
Awhile back I abruptly disappeared and didn't contact anyone, even though the site was on a promising path. Not only did I disappear from this site, but from pretty much everywhere else I was a part of as well, including the mmo websites I was employed by. I feel like I need to explain why this happened. I was at a relatively difficult point in my life, I was going through a divorce, on the verge of losing my job and having my son taken away from me (crazy ex and such), and I just felt that my stress levels were getting too high and I wouldn't have been able to continue running this site to the best of my ability. Things have changed now, however. My divorce is finalized, I have a new job (making much better money) and I feel like things are starting to look up.

This site embodies the 2 things I'm most passionate about, gaming and creating gaming videos. Not only can we share stories about our favorite gaming moments, but we can talk about videos we made or are in the process of making, our equipment, tutorials, pretty much anything you can set your mind to. That's why I feel the need to inform you all (if anyone is left) that I want to give it another go. I recently renewed the domain for another year and transferred it to a new registrar. I want to make something of this place, and I don't think giving up on it is a good idea, because it is very much a passion project of mine. I sincerely apologize for leaving like I did, and I hope we are able to start anew.

Now, With that being said, I'd like to talk about a few changes that I'm going to make. First off, the enhancements will be removed. We will not operate on a forum-cash style currency, instead featured content will be chosen via site contest, and will rotate out on a weekly basis. Up to 3 featured channels and 2 featured videos will be hosted in the sidebar per week. Rules will be set in place to prevent spamming of promotion boards, and specific moderators will be chosen as such to filter content....
Hey guys! We're introducing 2 new staff teams today! These staff teams will have their own colored banners and usernames, as well as (some) moderation privileges!

First off:

The Video Team

The video team will be a group of people dedicated to assisting video content creators around the forum. They will also be responsible for moderating the YouTube forums and the Media section of our websites. Another part of the video teams duties is to watch submitted videos (when requested to) and give feedback/leave comments. They have the ability to lock threads globally around the forums, and will act as secondary moderators when available. This job requires dedication, you will be watching a lot of videos (required to moderate the media section!)

The Review Team

The Review team will moderate the Articles section of the website and review content when requested. Like the video team, the Review team has the global ability to lock threads and act as a secondary moderator when needed. The Review Teams primary duties will be to watch/read content and give feedback when requested. They do not have the permission to moderate the media section, and are therefore not required to do so.

With this said, we're looking to fill a few positions at the moment. More positions will become available later down the line, here's our open positions:

Moderator: 2
Video Team: 2
Review Team: 1

If you're interested in applying for a position, please fill out this form and post it here:

Position Applying For:
(choose 1 above)
Past Experience:
Why we should hire you:
Additional Info:
Website is barely two weeks old and we've hit 500 posts! We're planning our first forum contest coming soon, partially in celebration of this event! Thanks to everyone (still primarily @Llothi) for contributing to this! There are BIG plans for these forums, and we're coming along very nicely. :)
Hey guys, I've decided since things are starting to pick up a bit, that we'd bring on 1 Global Moderator to the team! Reply to this thread with a bit of info if you're interested!

Fill this out:


What knowledge (if any) do you have about Gaming Media? (I.E. YouTube, Streaming Services, Writing, etc.)

Additional Info?
We've broken 100 posts! Mostly because of @Llothi, But thanks for being so active!
Thanks to @fords8 we now have the ability to submit media/videos! Check out our media section over here!
Board is currently in an open beta phase! Things may change, background images, the layout of the forum, logo's, etc. While we work to get the site up and running properly, registration is open to anyone, but please keep this in mind. Thanks!
Hello all, and welcome to MediaGamer.net! You're one stop shop for everything related to Gaming Media. These forums are for Gamers, YouTubers, Streamers, Writers and anyone else that has something to share! Of course, you're free to register as well if you just want to participate. No discrimination here! Though we do have a few rules we'd like you to follow while you visit:
  1. Do not spam! This includes posting your material repeatedly around the board. You're allowed to have links, videos and whatever else in your signatures, but keep the promotion to the promotion board. (This includes PM spamming and links to personal websites/blogs)
  2. Do not post unrelated information in a forum! If you create an introduction topic in the gaming forum, it will be moved. Repeated actions will result in warnings.
  3. Do not flame, insult or offend your fellow forumgoers! This should be self explanatory.
  4. Do no promote your material around the board if you are not active! Interacting with the community and making friends is a great way to get your material seen by others. A minimum of 10 posts is required to post in the promotion boards!
  5. Do not post pornographic or offensive material! This include politics, religion, etc. This is a forum for gaming and content creation only!
  6. You must Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter in order to use our promotion board.
The rules are subject to change at any time without notice, please regularly check this thread to stay aware of the rules.